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Are you an established Christian business coach who is exhausted from going above and beyond to help ALL your clients get results?

    • Are you tired of doing everything in your power to deliver your transformational service but only seeing 33-70% of your clients get your promised results?
    • Would you like ALL your clients to get results so you can confidently sign a lot more clients without worrying about ruining your reputation or your clients’ lives?
    • Would you like to stop feeling frustrated/overwhelmed daily because you constantly go above and beyond to get your clients to act, get results and complete your program?

Maybe you’ve…

⇒Fought hard for some of your coaching clients (given 100%, spent night after night before your computer and hopped on calls at a moment’s notice to help) and then realized you cared more about their outcomes than they did…

⇒Hired a virtual assistant or client success manager or implemented new systems like CoachAccountable but you still have clients fall through the cracks or leave your program at random….

⇒Copied other successful coaches’ industry methods and strategies and tweaked and tweaked your program, processes and systems as you try to find the right balance between sharing what you know and helping ALL your clients get your promised results…


You want to scale but you’re terrified of failing and looking like a fool. You know your program is gold but you don’t know how to serve ALL or More clients and ensure they all get your promised results.

So you’ve kept things small and manageable so you don’t fail and ruin your client’s destinies or your stellar reputation…or worse, disappoint your family whom, many times, have felt the brunt of your commitment to your business.

BUT GOD KEEPS CALLING YOU TO MORE…Imagine what it would feel like to…

smileHave 95-100% of your clients get your promised results even as you double or triple the number of clients you serve. No more sacrificing your boundaries or worrying about ruining your clients’ lives or your reputation.

smileWork with God-fit clients who make you excited to work with them daily because they show up, fight through the blocks and do the work.

smileReclaim 10-50% of your time and begin to flow with ease in your business while having time for your first ministry, your spouse, kids, and yourself.


smileFinally have the time to use all your gifts for God’s glory and kingdom-building in other areas of your business and spheres of your life.


An 8-week Client Experience Consulting Service to help Christian Business Coaches coach ALL their clients to promised results.


    • Have a 1:1, group or hybrid program that is focused on helping their clients with strategy…
    • Have proven client results…
    • Are clear on their ideal client and the process they use to help their clients get their promised results (even if they think it needs fine-tuning)…
    • Desire to massively impact more lives and serve their coaching clients with a spirit of excellence…
    • Have access to at least 6 clients (existing/past) who can provide feedback.




STEP #1: FINE-TUNING YOUR CLIENT ENROLLMENT PROCESS so you only admit clients who're best suited to get the promised results of your program and make you excited to work with them.

I’ll audit your marketing and sales processes and pinpoint ways to:
⇒Improve how you screen your potential clients so you only accept your ideal clients into your program.

⇒Identify ways to improve how you qualify/screen your potential clients so you only accept your God-fit clients into your coaching program.

At the end of this step, you'll receive an Audit Report with gaps/issues and recommendations.


STEP #2: LAYING OUT YOUR PROGRAM CURRICULUM into a step-by-step plan that outlines the path you and your clients need to take for them to get the promised results of your program.

We analyze & improve your program delivery by:
⇒Clarifying what you need to do vs what your clients need to do and when by breaking your program down into a step-by-step guide that defines activities, roles and responsibilities

⇒Determining the things your clients need to get results and adding/removing program components to ensure all calls, activities, worksheets, assignments, etc. support the promised outcomes.

Establishing milestones and expectations to track your client’s progress to completing the program and clarify the ground rules for interaction.

At the end of this step, you'll receive the step-by-step program structure we created on our 1:1 strategic zoom screen-share working meeting. 


STEP #3: OUTLINING AN ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM that keeps your clients on track to desired results and keeps you aware of their progress.

We’ll dig into your current accountability system and refine your ability to hold your clients accountable to taking action by:
Establishing key performance metrics to effectively track client progress to meet the promised results, increase program transparency, and mitigate poor results.

Refining/defining the penalties that’ll be triggered if program responsibilities and expectations are not met

Refining/defining the rewards that’ll be triggered if these responsibilities are met

Steps 2 & 3 are enhanced by an eye-opening chemical X that transforms my clients' perspective and program for the better. I'll get direct feedback from up to 12 of your clients through 1:1 anonymous client interviews.

At the end of this step, you'll receive the updated accountability structure with all the refinements and recommendations we made on our 1:1 strategic zoom screen-share working meeting.


STEP #4: WRITING THE WAY to consistently helping your clients get your promised results without daily frustration, even as you double/triple your client count.

We discuss how to incorporate all the plans from steps 1-3 into your existing processes and systems and create a customized Implementation Game plan.

At the end of this step, you'll receive your customized Game Plan in PDF format, following our two 1:1 strategic zoom screen-share working meetings.




How are we qualified to help you?

I took the best client experience practices that I used over the last 10 years to help international companies increase revenues, and customized them into the FLOW Framework that is specifically designed for the coaching industry so that my clients can increase their client success rates.

I know you find it important to serve your clients with excellence and ensure they get the results you promised. As a Christian coach, your program has the power to heal, transform lives and break generational curses. You literally have the power to delay legacies and destinies due to bad client experiences.



How do I know this will work for me?

My experience have found that there are typically three main reasons why coaches have clients who don’t get the promised results…

  1. You enrolled the wrong clients in your program.
  2. Your program doesn’t have a comprehensive delivery and accountability framework.
  3. The coach’s methods and program suck…

These problems are universal across industries and so, the FLOW Framework is designed specifically to help coaches address the first two.



How much does the Client WOW Factor cost?

The current investment for this offer is: $6,000.00.

This is a really modest or small investment when compared to the results that the right coach can get.

By the time we’ve finished applying the FLOW framework, you’ll have a unique program “nothing like it in the industry” that helps ALL your clients to get your promised results… If you’re like my previous clients, you’ll probably voice a desire to raise your prices.



...recommend her to anyone looking to offer their clients the best!

“I have had the wonderful privilege of knowing Chanel and have been opportune to be blessed with her skills and abilities. Wow! Chanel is a gifted individual, and she knows her work very well. She is not about talking but about action, getting things done.


She takes the time to understand your needs as a business and goes above and beyond to deliver an effective solution. She's talented, generous, creative, and quick. I love her and would recommend her to anyone looking to offer their clients the best!”

B. Ofem

Brand Strategist and Growth Catalyst

...our customers provide glowing references which speak to the experiences they have lived

Chanel is a high-achieving, no-nonsense, get-it-done type of woman. She doesn't play. Through our work, we were able to consistently live up to our mantra by providing an “Insanely Good Customer Experience".

Today, we successfully serve more clients because she helped to streamline critical processes and tools that helped us deliver great client experiences. As a result, our customers provide glowing references which speak to the experiences they have lived. We cannot recommend Chanel highly enough.

M. Hutchinson

Human Resource Specialist

...turned my business around for good after I took the steps to do all the necessary correction...

I just really want to appreciate Chanel Robe for the work she is doing. I love her approach to the client audit; in that she knows her stuff. She does the work with passion.


Chanel really opened up everything and I am seriously laughing at myself. The process gave me clarity on my client experience and business strategy. She pointed you towards every detail that will improve your whole business and client experience. My audit turned my business around for good after I took the steps to do all the necessary correction. I will recommend Chanel again and again.

M. Gbadamosi

Productivity Coach

...Must-have for businesses looking to elevate their clients' experience...

My audit allowed me to identify any gaps in my client journey Chanel is a must-have for businesses looking to elevate their clients' experience. The investments you make to ensure your internal and external systems work smoothly are well worth it.

A. Koech

Business Coach and Strategist

I've always felt that there's much of a disconnect in our client journey....

Chanel, Much thanks for the extensive and detailed audit. I've always felt that there's much of a disconnect in our client journey. This makes sense now and puts things in perspective.

C. Jebet

Digital Marketing Strategist

We've seen an increase in our customer engagements...

Chanel has more than delivered.  We've seen an increase in our customer engagements...! We wholeheartedly recommend Chanel "The Robe Way" to everyone we know.

T. Simmons

CEO and Business Strategist


Things are very hectic right now. Will I have the time to do this?

This version of the Client WOW Factor service was specifically designed to consider your time constraints. You’ll get small assignments to complete after our onboarding call and 1:1 Zoom strategic collaborative sessions but the bulk of the work will take place during the five (5) two-hour 1:1 Zoom sessions that are spread across the 8 weeks.

How soon can we begin?

Because I give specialized 1:1 attention to each of my clients, I generally only accept 2-3 new clients every 9 weeks. During our sales chat, we will agree on the start date of the service.

I'm not a Christian but seriously love what you do! Can I apply to work with you?

It is truly awesome that you love what I do. I’m so honored. Unfortunately, based on direct orders from Upper Management (God), I only work with Christian business coaches. This is unlikely to change unless God says otherwise. However, I do put out a lot of value-packed content that digs deeply into my processes. You can join my mailing list to get that content directly in your inbox or check out the blog.

Are there any long-term opportunities to work with you?

Currently no. However, we do have something in the works for clients who would like me alongside them as they implement the 1-year Strategic Game plan that we developed during the Client WOW Factor.