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How to Stop Filling Your Sales Calls With Non-Ideal Leads

Tired of dealing with non-ideal coaching clients who aren’t willing to show up, fight through the blocks and do the work…

…It may be that you need to adjust your marketing process to funnel out the non-ideal leads from the ideal leads.

✨Your marketing process is an opportunity to find potential coaching clients who are best suited to work with you and get their desired results and repel prospects who’d be a bad fit (anyone who’s the opposite of best suited).

When you are a coach who sees her business as the vehicle to fully use your gifts and abilities to do work that impacts the Kingdom and build legacies, your marketing process cannot just be about enticing anybody with a credit card and your potential client’s pain points to have a sales conversation with you.

This is why I like to call it your Bad Fit Client Repellent Process.
Before I dive into how you can use your marketing process to funnel out non-ideal leads, let me clarify what I mean when I say “marketing process”.
📝Your marketing process refers to the steps that you use to promote your coaching services.

You do those promotions on your social media, website, landing page, email list, etc. They’ll often take the forms of posts, freebies, etc.
Now let’s dig into two things you should consider during marketing to funnel out non-ideal potential clients and funnel through only the best-suited potential clients.

STEP #1: Get A Program Recipe for Client Success…

Your Program Recipe for Client Success is the specific ingredients your clients must have to get your promised results.

I like baking banana bread. Now the thing about baking banana bread is that there are certain MUST HAVE ingredients you need…like BANANAS!!! 🍌🍌 (I had a minion moment). Any day I feel for banana bread and realize I’m out of bananas, I have to put my craving on hold because no baking can be done.

Similarly, there are specific criteria (ingredients) that your clients must have to achieve results during your program. These ingredients include: Resources and Assets, Knowledge, Level of Education, Type of Expertise, Attitude, Aptitude, Skillset, etc.

Note that there are 3 absolutely perfect times to communicate/leverage your Program Recipe for Client Success: in your marketing, during your sales vetting process, and during client onboarding.

Oftentimes coaches neglect to define and/or communicate their Program Recipe for Client Success at any of the above-mentioned stages.

In my experience, I’ve found that when they neglect to include this during their marketing and sales process, they’re more likely to attract and admit non-ideal clients into their program and then struggle to serve them due to their unwillingness to show up, fight through the blocks and do the work.

Your Program Recipe for Client Success serves as a way to funnel out the non-ideal from the ideal (i.e the sheep from the goats) and set expectations for the duration of your program with your God-fit clients.

I generally recommend creating marketing material that includes the foundational criteria that your leads must have to even consider having a sales conversation with you.

For example: if you are a messaging coach who teaches your client how to get clients on LinkedIn through writing posts, a foundational criterion for your client’s success is their ability to write well. Any potential client who can’t write would be non-ideal and wouldn’t get the desired success using your method.

This is a criterion that you could include on your landing pages, website, etc. as you describe whom your program would be a good fit for.

….Now that you’ve got your ideal clients interested in your coaching business, let’s talk about helping them to learn more about you or getting them in a sales conversation.

STEP #2: Have A Flowing Netflix Experience…

Have A Flowing Netflix Experience that provides seamlessly flowing steps to learning more about you or expressing their interest.

This is where many coaches fall down. Oftentimes, coaches with many marketing platforms make a change on one platform but then forget to filter the change across their other platforms.

Here’s the tea. Your potential clients are gonna be curious and want to check you out, especially if you have multiple messaging platforms.

And so, we’ll find inconsistencies such as: who you serve, your current offering, inactivity on a platform, outdated information, broken links, no links, sign-ups that don’t work, etc.

Sidenote: I’ve seen this happen with coaches with 1 messaging platform.

If your message and experience are inconsistent across your chosen marketing platforms, you’ll confuse, irritate and repel ideal leads and attract non-ideal fits.

Serve with excellence. Create steps that flow.

Aim to eliminate as many inconsistencies in your marketing processes as possible so that you make it easy for interested leads to learn more about you or express their interest in working with you.

The Point Is…

With these steps in place, you’ll have more sales conversations with ideal leads because you funneled out non-ideal leads who’d probably not be willing to show up, fight through the blocks and do the work if you admitted them into your coaching program.

One Final Thing…

If you are an established Christian business coach who’d like my help to refine your processes to funnel God-fit clients into your program who make you excited to work with them and get your promised results, this is one of the outcomes of my 8-week Client Experience consulting service. My ideal clients are Christian female business coaches who have delayed enrolling a lot more clients because you feel something in your coaching program is broken that causes only 33-70% of your clients to get your promised results.

I’ll audit your marketing and sales processes to identify issues/gaps that prevent you from having a flowing Netflix Experience that serves your potential clients better, so you wow your God-fit clients even before they start working with you. We’ll also define your Program Recipe for Client Success so you improve how you qualify/screen your potential clients and only accept God-fit clients into your coaching program.

But we don’t stop there, wouldn’t it be great to be able to coach ALL your clients to promised results without frustration?

You’ll also get my help to refine your coaching program curriculum into a step-by-step guide so you deliver your program with an excellence that positions your clients to get the promised results without you wondering what’s next or spinning your wheels to be ready.

I’ll also work with you to refine your client accountability system so you can hold your God-fit clients accountable to implementing action and trigger applicable penalties when responsibilities are not met. Finally, we bring everything together into a Game plan of action so you can incorporate your new plans into your existing processes and systems.

If you’re interested in this offer, just send me a message and we’ll have a quick chat via Facebook messenger to see if it’s a fit for you.

Comment below if you have any questions or thoughts about what I’ve shared above.

Written by Chanel Robe

As a 2x burnout survivor and former people-pleaser, I am a speaker, author & passionate advocate for serving others while honoring yourself. I'm the owner of The Robe Way & an authority on achieving customer success with less work. I help business owners run profitable, impactful businesses and maintain client relationships without sacrificing personal boundaries or quality of life. On a regular day, you’ll find me traveling, belting out random songs, smiling contagiously, or lifting others up.

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